In the view of the mission of UNIPRO, education and training is a major compound of this research unit. UNIPRO support 3rd cycle courses, as the Biomedical Sciences PhD course as also IUCS MSc programs and post-graduation courses giving to their students a platform for research in the field of Oral Pathology and Oral Rehabilitation. Also, the Unit supports young researchers related to postdoctoral studies and funded projects, and hosts students of MSc and PhD programs from other institutions or external research units. 

UNIPRO researchers contribute and participate in education and formation of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle of studies in the IUCS and also in other university institutions. 

Within the Initiation Research program, students from different 1st Cycle of Studies of IUCS are involved in research projects monitored by integrated research members of UNIPRO


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