UNIPRO researchers are engaged in a broad public-oriented activity of socio-economic and cultural relevance. These include:

i) Economic and social valorization of knowledge;

ii) Health education and promotion: public awareness and knowledge of dental/oral practices and diseases (hygiene, cancer, periodontitis, caries); psychosocial health and needs (detection and report of child abuse and neglect cases); promotion of health knowledge, behavior and practices, particularly among school children; therapeutic drug monitoring; training of health professionals; education of patients; scientific journeys to engage the public with scientific evidence.

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Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders | Healthcare Professional Training

Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders, abbreviated to OPMDs, encompass a wide number of oral mucosal disorders that have the potential malignant transformation, i.e. transformation into oral cancer. Many of the disorders are quite common, such as Oral Lichen Planus. The aim of this e-learning platform is to improve knowledge in the diagnosis and management of OPMDs amongst health care professionals. Dentists and other health care professionals are well positioned to detect OPMDs and arrange referral to secondary or tertiary care if required. This e-learning platform has been developed by partner universities across Europe, under the coordination of King’s College London and has been funded by the European Union.

This e-learning platform has been categorised by each of the OPMDs and also includes a self-assessment to test your knowledge, as well as an atlas of photographs of the typical OPMD presentation. We hope you enjoy using this platform and your feedback is welcome, please use the feedback link on the homepage.

Smoking Cessation Advice | Healthcare Professional Training

Smoking Cessation Advice is an E-learning tool, promoting smoking cession advice, accessible to European Union healthcare professionals increasing their professional skills and improving personal portfolio. Network partners: Portugal (CESPU) | United Kingdom (University of Birmingham) | Spain (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela) | Italy (Universita Degli Studi Di Milano) | France (Université de Bordeaux)