UNIPRO researchers are engaged in a broad public-oriented activity of socio-economic and cultural relevance. These include:

i) Economic and social valorization of knowledge;

ii) Health education and promotion: public awareness and knowledge of dental/oral practices and diseases (hygiene, cancer, periodontitis, caries); psychosocial health and needs (detection and report of child abuse and neglect cases); promotion of health knowledge, behavior and practices, particularly among school children; therapeutic drug monitoring; training of health professionals; education of patients; scientific journeys to engage the public with scientific evidence.

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Smoking Cessation Advice | Healthcare Professional Training

Smoking Cessation Advice is an E-learning tool, promoting smoking cession advice, accessible to European Union healthcare professionals increasing their professional skills and improving personal portfolio. Network partners: Portugal (CESPU) | United Kingdom (University of Birmingham) | Spain (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela) | Italy (Universita Degli Studi Di Milano) | France (Université de Bordeaux)