Gas Chromatograph (Varian Saturn 2000)


The Varian Saturn 2000 GC/MS has four principal components, Gas chromatograph (GC), Mass spectrometer (MS), Data system (DS), AutoSampler. Samples are injected either manually or via the AutoSampler onto the capillary column through the GC injection port. The gas chromatograph then separates the sample molecules. Effluent from the GC passes through the transfer line and into the ion trap. The sample molecules next undergo electron or chemical ionization before being analyzed according to their mass-to-charge ratios. The ions are detected by an electron multiplier, which produces a signal proportional to the number of ions detected. The electron multiplier passes the ion current signal to the system electronics, which in turn amplify the signal, digitize the result, and pass it on to the data system for further processing and display. 


It is currently in use in environmental, toxicology, pharmaceutical, food and flavor analysis, and chemical research.


Brand: Varian

Model: Saturn 2000


- Gas Chromatograph – CP-3800

- Injector - 1177

- Autosampler – CP-8400

- Mass Spectrometer Detector – Saturn 2200


– MS Workstation V6.3.0