Cooling Incubator with Controled Humidity


The CLIMACELL incubator is designed for applications requiring precise and reproducible simulation of variable climatic conditions, allowing simultaneous regulation of temperature and humidity.

The CLIMACELL series was specially developed for applications, in which as far as possible exact and reproducible simulation of various environmental conditions is important, e.g. stability testing of components, packaging materials, food or chemicals, germination studies, plant cell or tissue cultures, insect cultures and stability & photostability testing of drugs according ICH Q1A R and Q1B Option 2.


It can be used in biology, food processing industry, chemical industry, electrical technology, histology, botany, pharmacy and others. A typical example may be the cultivation of plant and tissue cultures or tests of stability (photo stability) of materials and medicaments.  


Brand: MMM

Model: Climacell 111L

Working temperature: 0 °C up to 99,9 °C (-9,9 °C on request)

Humidity control: active increasing/decreasing Rh in range 10 - 90% Rh (allowed from +10°C)


- WarmComm 3.0 FDA