Scientific Program


1st of June, 2023


08h30 Conference Registration
08h50 Opening of the Congress  


Session manager – Teresa Pinho, UNIPRO-IUCS

09h00 CAD-CAM ceramic blocks in adhesive rehabilitation of Maxillary Lateral Incisor Agenesis. | Maria João Calheiros-Lobo, Ricardo Carbas, Lucas F.M. Da Silva, Teresa Pinho, (UNIPRO-IUCS |IBMC-i3s |FEUP | INEGI, Portugal) 
09h30 Clear aligners: is there an Impact in occlusion, masticatory Function and TMDs? | Vanessa Marcelino, Maria Paço; Maria dos Prazeres Gonçalves, Teresa Pinho, (UNIPRO-IUCS | TOXRUN-IUCS | UnIGENe, IBMC, Portugal) 
10h00 Disc displacement treatment: a clinical study. | Júlio Fonseca (Sociedade Portuguesa de Disfunção Têmporo-Mandibular, Dor Orofacial e Sono, Portugal)
11h00 Coffee break & Poster viewing
11h30 Myofascial orofacial pain and pain referral. | Fernando Exposto (Section for Orofacial Pain and Jaw Function, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health, Aarhus University, Denmark)
12h30 Congress Opening Session
13h00 Lunch


Session manager – José Manuel Mendes & António Sérgio, UNIPRO-IUCS

14h00 Aerospace Dentistry: Finding the way to the stars we improve problems on Earth. | Victor LLoro. (Space Generation Advisory Council: Viena, AT)
15h00 Studies on biomechanics of dental implants – from conceptualization to practice. | Ana Lúcia Messias (Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, Portugal)
16h00 Coffee break & Poster viewing



Session manager – Hassan Bousbaa, José Barbas do Amaral & Paulo Miller UNIPRO-IUCS

16h30 Cytology applied to diagnosis. | Fernando Ferreira (UNIPRO-IUCS, Portugal).
17h20 Presentation of selected Oral Communications. 
  OC 01 - In vitro evaluation of the effects of double insertion into bone on the surface of titanium alloy mini-implants. | Ana Beatriz Gomes Miranda
  OC 02 - Coronal repercussions of the maxillary central incisor torque in the first set of aligners. | Ana Catarina Azeredo de Oliveira
  OC 03 - Analysis of the impact of prison conditions on the oral and nutritional health of inmates in a prison in northern Portugal-Preliminary results. | Mariana Dias
  OC 04 - Efficiency  and predictability of arch expansion with Invisalign® system: Clinical study compared to integrative systematic review. | Ana Sofia Barbosa e Rocha
  OC 05 - Retention Capacity of Original Denture Adhesives and White Brands for Conventional Complete Dentures. | Joana Cláudia Morais da Silva Mendes
18h05 Closing of the Congress Works.


2nd of June, 2023


08h30 Opening the Congress

II CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN RESEARCH ON ORAL CANCER convened by UNIPRO and the WHO Collaborating Centre on Oral Cancer

Session manager – Luís MonteiroJosé Barbas do Amaral, UNIPRO-IUCS & Saman Warnakulasuriya, King’s College London

09h00 Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders – Challenges in Diagnosis & Management. | Saman Warnakulasuriya (King’s College London, United Kingdom)
09h40 Artificial intelligence in the diagnosis of oral cancer/OPMDs. | Alexander Ross Kerr (New York University, USA) 
10h20 Delays in Diagnosis of Oral Cancer; How to minimize delays. | Juan Seoane (University Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 
11h00 Coffee break & Poster viewing
11h30 Oral Cancer in Latin America.| Alan Roger Santos-Silva (Piracicaba Dental School, State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brasil) 
12h10 Exploring Circulating Tumor Cells: Advancements in Identification and their Implications for Oral Cancer.| Luís Lima & Lucio Lara Santos (Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto, Portugal)
13h00 Lunch



Session manager – Cristina Cabral, Filomena SalazarOdília Queirós Paulo Rompante, UNIPRO-IUCS

14h00 Clinical research in dentistry for the 21st century. Problems and solutions. | António Mata (SED)
14h45 Periodontal disease etiopathogenesis and its relation with systemic diseases, with a focuson diabetes mellitus. | Marta Relvas (UNIPRO-IUCS, Portugal)
15h25 In vitro study on the behavior of different implant-abutment connections, in Klockner dental implants, in the absence of load and after load application-SEM and Micro-CT analysis | Ana Sofia Vinhas (UNIPRO-IUCS, Portugal) 
16h00 Coffee break & Poster viewing
16h30 Teaching a robot to 3D print tissue | Introduction to Advanced Solutions Life Sciences. | James B. Hoying (Advanced Solutions Life Science, Manchester NH USA)
17h00 Presentation of selected Oral Communications. 
  OC 06 -  Evaluation of the effectiveness of mouthwashes in controlling the oral microbiota. | Carlos Miguel da Silva de Sousa Veiga
  OC 07 - Antimicrobial resistance of opportunistic pathogens isolated from periodontal and peri-implant biofilm. | Joana Magalhães Silva
  OC 08 - Promoting oral cancer cell death by combining an apoptosis inducer with an antimitotic. | João Pedro Nunes Silva
  OC 09 - Loss of prosthetic abutment screws on single crowns. Which is the best option to solve this problem? | Lara Sofia Barros Coelho Medina
  OC 10 - The Influence of Saliva pH on the Fracture Resistance of Two Types of Implant-Supported Bis-Acrylic Resin Provisional Crowns—An In Vitro Study. | Sofia Alexandra Sousa dos Santos
18h00 Closing session.


Note: Final Program Pdf available soon.