Tissue Embedding System


The Thermo Shandon Histocentre 2 provides all the components necessary, in one efficiently integrated unit, to effectively perform histological paraffin embedding procedures. Included on the same working area level are a temperature-controlled paraffin tank and nozzle (spigot) – used to hold and dispense molten paraffin as needed; a temperature-controled, three-chamber tissue tank – used to hold specimen cassettes, to prewarm empty moulds, and to provide a cassette working area; a fixed-temperature forceps warmer and a pair of electrically heated forceps; an illuminated and temperature-controlled hot plate – used as an embedding area; and a cold plate area – esed to cool the embedding specimens prior to microtomy. The unit also provides complete controls to activate the cooling and heating systems and to set and monitor temperature levels.


It allows to obtain blocks of paraffin with biological sample for latermicrotomy.


- Width 92.7 cm

- Depth 61 cm

- Height 38 cm

- Height (working) 12.5 cm

- Weight 47.5Kg

Brand: Thermo Shandon

Model: Histocentre 2